Tuna’s art takes New Orleans and introduces its culture to the world.  In addition to painting the city with a brush that celebrates its unique music and art, its historical architecture and it commitment to sports, Tuna also appreciates America and the city’s place in that history.

Dan MarinoThe Man Cave collection is Tuna’s never-ending stream athletic moments that will make a den a cave for any sports enthusiast.  With vibrant color and detail, sports moments can walk off the walls to invite conversation and recall. Paintings include Super Bowl victories, college bowl memories, and vibrant depictions of legendary feats in baseball, tennis, golf, basketball and even gymnastics and karate.

Pel Lis Can 4Pel Lis Can is Tuna’s signature character. With flour-de-feet tat leave footprints of the emblem of his beloved New Orleans, Pel Lis Can has made appearances in many of Tuna’s paintings, including those for events in the City.  His event posters have included the Bridge Run, the Crescent City Classic and many sporting events that New Orleans has welcomed.

Major Works

Tuna694 3x2 VW VTech
Warner Superbowl1 superbowl
superbowl Singletary Peyton1
Nola Fan NEW-ORLEANSCHORNETS-11-2009 Montana
LSU Jordan Jazz Lady
Horse Homeruns Favre
DSC02808 DSC02802 DSC02798
coastalparadise Clemens CCC2009
Bird 14791_491040740938777_472402446_n Martial Arts
1 Emmitt Smith Tiger Woods
Racket Head Agassi 2 folder 07 slide 049 Bourbon Street Ditka
IMG_8709_FreePayton_6wide PJ Lonergan 2004 Lakeview Fest The Lighthouse