About US

Tuna Seither is an Artist who embraces the technical & fundamental details of Realism while seeking to both celebrate and exaggerate all the other limitless aspects of a Painting. While many of his works explode in movement & ultra-vivid colors, other pieces may seek to capture the quieter simplicity the subject is yearning for. While many of his renderings take on a “Where’s Waldo?” quality for their immense content & hidden details within over-stuffed compositions, still other works choose to make a singularly bold statement. It is in his adherence to this stylistic flexibility that Tuna continues to challenge himself, constantly stretching the confines of his own perceived boundaries within his work. But the Artist truly believes that it is in this approach that he most challenges his viewers to take the visual journey with him… to continually look for & expect something more and hopefully find some things they haven’t seen before.

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